Best in show at the Davey Awards (Again)


Metajive is the recipient of 7 awards in multiple categories, including Best in Show, for our work with Fuse and other partners..

The Davey Award is the first major awards competition designed specifically for small agencies with the goal to help showcase what small agencies can do with big ideas.
We partnered with Fuse, one of the biggest leaders in the technical event production industry, to help kick their site up a notch. Fuse provides talent and expertise for some of the biggest concerts, TV shows, and live events in the world. They've done work for the Tony Awards, the Mandalorian, and King Kong on Broadway. Needless to say, they do great work and needed an equally great place to showcase their accomplishments. We created a bold design to help the impressive lighting and colors from their events stand out and emphasize their outstanding installations.
  • Fuse - Mobile - Business
  • Fuse - Mobile - Best User Interface
  • Fuse - Mobile - Best Visual Design - Aesthetic
  • Fuse - Websites - Self Promotion
  • Fuse - Mobile - Services
  • Top Secret - Best User Experience
  • Top Secret - Best User Interface
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