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At Metajive, our mission is to 'create great experiences'.

In the early 80's, Dieter Rams created a series of design principles to guide the industrial design industry. We looked at our process and what it takes for us to fulfill our mission of 'creating great experiences'. While we focus on creating great experiences for marketing and advertising, we know it all starts with the creative. Below are some notes we put together to share what we think makes great creative.
When we start a project we try to clearly assess what we are trying to achieve so we can set a target. Making goals allows us to start solving problems and avoid executing half baked solutions.
Once we have a goal we look at what statistics we can measure to support that success. It doesn't matter if we are dealing with page views, time on site, opt-in rates or online orders - a good goal needs to be measurable. This allows us to look at progress to know if we have exceeded our goals or if we need to rethink our target or strategy.
When we are selling your product or service we look at what makes a difference and what differentiating factors tip the scales in your favor. By concentrating on getting the information in front of consumers, we can encourage them to make their own decision based on the facts.
In addition to selling X product with Y feature and Z attribute, we also focus on creating an emotional connection based on the brand attributes. There are a lot of great products on the market; some are successful some are not. By providing a point for consumers to latch onto, we can speak to the core of their brain. In "Start with Why", Simon Sinik unravels this model of starting with intention and working backwards to the how and what.
By providing perspective, we create a view for others to understand context. If a company is distributing shares or adding a chest pocket to clothing, their perspective lets people know why they made that decision and their intention. Transparency in today's society is providing companies with a connected voice and common mission for new opportunities to thrive.
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