FITC - Toronto: April 27 - 29


Once again Metajive will be invading Canada!

Our Creative Director - Dave Benton, will be presenting at the 2014 FITC conference in Toronto, April 27 - 29.
FITC conferences are held world-wide each year with their mission to bring together like-minded professionals. Each conference focuses on a range of topics but FITC’s main goal is on inspiration and education of current technologies, new innovations and how creativity plays a role in all of it. FITC Toronto will be focused specifically on technology and creativity.
Dave’s topic this year will discuss how to present your brand story online. This is a topic that we face each day with our clients and is a constant conversation with brands in our industry. Dave will share our methods of how we shape the conversations with our clients so we can get to the end result sooner and how that effects the function of the site and the design. He will discuss why the conversation about how the Brand is portrayed online is so important to have before a pen hits a paper or a pixel is saved. He also promises to bring candy!
Look for an update on the schedule of Dave's presentation closer to conference or check out FITC.CA for more information.
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