Math Dreams Start With DreamBox


Education has been in the spotlight more than ever this year.

The good peeps over at DreamBox have been doing their part to make sure students are staying on track with math wherever and however they learn. 
Learn from home? Learn from school? Learn at your own pace with an adaptive digital platform? It's all possible with DreamBox – an adaptive learning K–8 math program tailored to the individual student and their learning style. The need for a personalized program like this – one that complements teacher instruction and accelerates student learning – was amplified this past year, where distance learning became the norm for many. That's when DreamBox realized they needed to take their website to the next level. As a team of parents and math nerds (well, some of us anyway!) we are thrilled to partner with DreamBox on their new web design and development. Stay tuned for more to come, and keep practicing those fractions, kids.
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