Metajive receives 5 awards from the 2019 C2A


Metajive receives 5 awards from the 2019 C2A

We’re thrilled to announce that metajive’s work with both Atolla and Lyft Business has been selected for a total of 5 awards and honorable mentions in the 2019 Creative Communication Award (C2A).
The C2A was created to promote creative excellence in communication design, advertising and digital media for the creative community across the globe. We are grateful to have great partnerships with both of these teams.

Winner - UI & UX Design - User Experience Design
Strong partnerships means creating exceptional things. When we met our new partners at Atolla, they needed an entire digital ecosystem to build the foundation for their revolutionary skincare product. We worked hand-in-hand with Atolla to create: a website that would ground their new brand, an on-boarding and checkout experience complete with a skin assessment quiz, subscription based e-commerce store, user account center, and a personalized skin dashboard with real-time graphs for each user based on their preferences and physical skin tests. We could not be more proud of the partnership and being recognized for the best User Experience Design in the C2A awards.

  • Honorable Mention - Online Media - Websites
  • Honorable Mention - Online Media - Other
  • Honorable Mention - UI & UX Design - User Interface Design
  • Honorable Mention - UI & UX Design - User Experience Design

Lyft Business needed help to revamp the messaging on their site and get more in line with the rest of the Lyft brand. We helped them get more aligned but still have their own unique feel. Our partnership with Lyft Business is still ongoing, and we can’t wait to see what we create together next.
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