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Metajive is being recognized by for unique 5-star review ratings.

We’re not Lyft drivers who rely on five stars, but we’re flattered when we get them. It's the kind of experience we want to provide for our partners. 
We’re honored about what Clutch had to say about our team - "Just like with any other tech, web design is affected by yearly trends that either stay or fade. Some trends age like fine wine, and some, unfortunately, don’t age well. Here at Metajive, we make sure to deliver classic evergreen web designs that will surely blow your mind.Located in Carlsbad, California, our company has been a known global leader in helping our clients produce bespoke interactions and engagements. We are a full-service digital agency that specializes in web design, web development, eCommerce development, and more."With that in mind, we are excited to share our latest review from Clutch, a B2B review site known for its dedication to helping corporate buyers connect with the right service providers. An analyst from Clutch personally interviewed the head of marketing at an Illinois-based event production company to gather their feedback regarding an old project of ours.
Our company provided intensive engineering and design services for our client’s website. According to our client’s feedback, the engagement was successful and their end was thrilled with the final product, and worthy of five stars.The new web design received positive feedback from end-users, and the design even received recognition. When the analyst asked about what was the most impressive part of the engagement, the client responded:
They were always responsive. We’d hear back from them within an hour of sending an email. If I ever reached out to some of their higher-up team members, they always responded right away. Someone would talk to me immediately if I needed anything
Head of Marketing Event Production Company
At Metajive, we don’t just ride trends, we set them. This stellar review is just one of our many phenomenal projects highlighted on our Clutch profile. As a service provider ourselves, we are proud of our clients’ satisfaction and appreciation for our craft.
We are grateful to our incredible partners who have left us their feedback; We are excited to get more feedback from other past, current and future partners. Clutch is an excellent avenue to learn more about our approach and what we can deliver.
In addition to Clutch, Metajive was also recognized as a leading service provider on The Manifest, an independent B2B news platform that is known for its agency shortlists, how-to guides, and industry wisdom. Based on The Manifest’s recent evaluation, we are one of San Diego’s top 6 best-performing Magento development companies for 2021.
We are thankful for this opportunity to be featured on such an established platform. Our team’s drive to chase continuous improvement is fueled thanks to our partners support. Ready to bring your ideas to life? Let’s create something awesome together.
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