Metajive Values: A Focus on Experience

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We once read that nobody cares about your company’s values unless they experience them first hand.

It’s a fair point. And it leads us perfectly into one of our most important values: Experience.
When we talk about experience as a Metajive value, we break it into three pillars.
  1. The Experiences we create
  2. The Experience we create for partners (read: clients, more on that below)
  3. The Experience we create for our team
Let’s break that down.
The Experiences We Create
Creating great experiences is so fundamental to who we are that it’s also our mission statement. First and foremost we are here to make things. Creation is another one of our values and creating great experiences is what gets most of the team out of bed in the morning. But what do we really mean when we say a “great experience”? It comes down to several factors and it starts when a project starts with goal-setting sessions with our partners.
What are the KPIs we need to meet?
What outcomes equal success?
And how can we ensure we are on track with all this every step of the way?
Is it innovative?
All of this is critical to the experiences we create.
Next up are the “soft” experiences that, quite frankly, you should expect from any design shop – although they are easier said than done. We’re talking about the smoothness and responsiveness of the design, the visual appeal of the work, and the ooh-this-looks-good and it WOWs factor.
The final part of Creating Great Experiences comes down to the things no one talks about but that really matter. For us, that means delivering products that are supported by IT and served on responsive servers. Websites that pass the toughest security audits and are fully ADA compliant. SEO optimized sites that go far above and beyond the basics. It’s all this and much more, but essentially, it means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to any work we sign off on at Metajive.
The Experience Our Team Has
It all starts with our team. Let’s say that again. It. All. Starts. With. Our team. If they aren’t having a great experience, how can we expect anyone else to? We’re not talking about the cool swag, Free Lunch Fridays, or our “Friday question” when discussing employee experience (although we do all of that!). For us, it means that our co-workers are treated with respect and acceptance, no matter where they are on their journey. We celebrate growth and build it into our career paths here. It also means providing a workplace with structure, realistic work expectations, and that feeling that you’re part of a well-oiled machine. Kaizen is a big part of our mindset (and another Metajive Value), and we create a culture that is always working towards greater mastery, autonomy, and iterative improvement.
When the pandemic forced us to go fully remote, we were challenged to create a new kind of employee experience. It was tough to help new members feel like they were truly part of the team, so we doubled down and looked at what that experience really means. We made sure each employee had the right touch points from day one, and that those continue through the 30/60/90 day check-ins, culminating with the six-month and one-year review. Fortunately, most of are back in the office for real-life human interaction. All the things we learned during our remote working period have just added to a better overall employee experience. With kaizen in mind, we will continue to improve this experience each day for our on-site and remote teams.
The Experience Our Partners Have
“The team at metajive were incredibly easy to work with and functioned like an extension of our team. We appreciated the way they challenged us at times to think differently about certain aspects of our project and were focused on helping us build something that wouldn’t just serve our needs for today, but also those we weren’t thinking about yet for the future.”- Yoshiyuki Uemura, Senior Executive of Daikin Industries
Have you heard us talk about #PartnersNotClients? (You can read more about our ethos here). It basically refers to how we work synergistically with our partners during projects with full transparency, real-time updates, shared tools, and true collaboration. It’s all part of our mission to ensure our clients have a great experience when working with Metajive. We’re committed to delivering the highest caliber of work (see: Experiences we create) and creating trust through communication because trust is central to our relationships. Timing is also really important to us as we know how much it impacts our clients. A lot of agencies take a really long time to get work completed, but we always ask ourselves how we can get great work out faster without cutting any corners. Essentially, how do we create the best outcome sooner? It’s no surprise, then, that Velocity is another one of our values.
Everything we do is focused on making sure our clients have a great experience as well as creating great experiences for them. Or as our co-founder and COO April likes to say, “You know it’s been a successful project when you want to have a beer with your client and your client wants to have a beer with you after launch.”
Cheers to more beers, and cheers to everyone whose paths cross with Metajive getting the best experience possible. That way, our values truly mean something.
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