Metajive Welcomes CFO, Luke Lau

Black and White Headshot of Luke Lau

Ask Luke Lau’s family to jump, and they’ll say “How high?”

While we may have made that part up, they are all past, present, or future (committed) college volleyball players. Luke and his wife played college volleyball, and all three of his children are on track to do the same.While it’s clear he’s not your average CFO, there’s more that sets Luke apart: His passion for the creative industry and its impact on society and culture. Luke is motivated by the mission to create and deliver disruptive and effective work that challenges that status quo and inspires change – something that aligns perfectly with the Metajive mentality.Having worked in finance for over 25 years, he has led and empowered diverse teams across the Americas and Global regions at TBWA/Media Arts Lab and Landor – two of the world’s leading creative agencies. He has a strong track record of delivering strategic financial planning and analysis, enhancing internal controls and compliance, and driving operational excellence and profitability. His experience partnering with senior leadership and key stakeholders to support the growth and innovation of agencies and their clients is a huge asset to Metajive, as his impact reaches beyond our internal needs and to those of our partners too.
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