Metajive Welcomes COO & CFO, Alan Hoekstra


“Never compromise your integrity, and be grateful for what you have.”

Alan Hoekstra wears two supremely important hats at metajive: those of CFO and COO. He leads our general operations and manages everything from HR to financials, and payroll to payables. He also works closely with our team to ensure internal operations and finance are understandable, smooth, and efficient.
Before gracing metajive’s green-hued offices, Alan’s career started with his own small business in the midwest before taking him into the world of advertising and branding as Director of Finance for Lambesis -- a San Diego based agency who worked with clients including Coca-Cola, Airwalk Footwear, SKYY Vodka, Gold Peak Tea, and Bebe. After 22 years in that role, he transitioned to CFO/COO at Architectural Materials USA -- a supplier of materials for high-end buildings and homes for projects like Flagship Dubai Mall, Korean Pavilion, and UNIQLO Flagship Store.
Today, Alan is thrilled to be working in the digital space, and is becoming the person we rely on to keep things running smoothly behind-the-scenes as he supports all the great experiences metajive creates. When he’s not steering the ship, Alan is yet another active metajiver, running, golfing, gardening, or bodysurfing at the beach. ​​
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