Metajive Welcomes New Director of Production


"It is possible (and helpful) to be simultaneously optimistic AND realistic."

Gala is our Director of Production, but, if you prefer, you can call her our resident air traffic controller. Literal or metaphorical, both describe how Gala ensures all our projects ship on time, on budget, and on strategy. 
With 25 years’ producing hundreds of websites, campaigns, and events under her belt, she has extensive experience working both agency and client side. Gala is perfectly positioned to promote effective collaboration and efficient workflow. Her relentless commitment to quality and collaboration focuses on generating growth and creating great experiences for teams, clients, and audiences.
But that’s not all we think you should know about Gala… She’s also a music composer and sound artist with a profound passion for music, cinema, and dance. Once upon a time she even owned and managed a movie theater. Man, we love our team.
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