The Transformative Power of Empathy at Work


TLDR: Read the book “Applied Empathy” by Michael Ventura.

Sometimes work is all projects and pixels, deadlines and decks, standups and zooms. But sometimes it’s empathy and understanding, collaboration and connections. At the best of times, the two converge. That was exactly the topic of our most recent Metajive Growth World Tour, hosted by Michael Ventura – founder of Sub Rosa, a design and innovation firm, and author of the book Applied Empathy.
In what turned out to be a fun and hands-on workshop focused on the transformational power of empathy in the workplace, here’s what we learned (and what we think you’ll enjoy learning too.)
  • Empathy in the workplace is more than just a feel-good factor. A whole lot more. In fact, according to Michael, empathy can be a significant strategic tool for success.
  • Empathy is more than just a personal trait but actually has practical applications in professional settings.
  • Empathy is not just a soft skill, but a crucial competency that can drive innovation, enhance collaboration, and foster meaningful connections.
  • Empathy has played a pivotal role in solving complex problems, building strong teams, and creating products that resonate with users.
  • You can cultivate and apply empathy in your work life through guided practical exercises and frameworks (you can find out more about these in his book).
  • Empathy is critical to navigating the challenges of today’s fast-paced and interconnected world.
Whether you are looking at building empathy skills in your personal or professional life, Michael showed us there’s a lot to learn and gain from flexing this muscle.
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