Clicks and Conversions: Campaign Success for The Adventures Group Using HubSpot

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The Adventures Group is the world’s premier leader of adventure tours and services.

They specialize in adventure and luxury tours in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1995. In 2021, they wanted to take their customer base to the next level with the help of a Black Funday campaign and came to Metajive to put it into action.
While The Adventures Group offers world-class tours, they were lacking a sophisticated ecosystem for campaigns. They came to us looking to reach new potential customers, while also segmenting existing customers in order to serve targeted campaigns. As their chosen HubSpot partner, we needed to gain a thorough understanding of their business and their brand and create an automated workflow that wouldn’t just match their goals, but exceed them.
Image of the Black Friday emails shown on a mobile device
Our team got to work building a Date-Based Workflow to execute their 2021 Black Friday email campaign. It was set up to enroll thousands of contacts, and segmented contacts by travel locations they had previously visited. This way, we were able to offer email subscribers relevant offers based on known interests.
In total, we created seven emails (Spanish and English) to be sent over the course of 10 days. We tracked purchased items in HubSpot by building a custom API from their booking system to a product library within HubSpot, and this allowed us to create deals with product-level information on the quote. We set the implementation up to convert from Mexican Pesos to USD, while updating discount terms for each unique deal.

Our HubSpot integration allowed The Adventures Group to increase their revenue over 30% from the previous year. We saw a significant increase in open and click rate with the following metrics: English: 6.2% CTR and Spanish: 10.7% CTR. In total, the email campaigns generated over 2500 interactions and generated $1.2 million in tours booked. These marketing emails were developed through HubSpot with a focus on modular components so The Adventure Group now reuses the format for all its email needs.
At Metajive, our mission is to Create Great Experiences, so being able to help a company that makes great travel experiences succeed was a double win.
ipad screen with The Adventures Group Black Friday Email campaign on the screen
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