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Dave Benton was recently inspired by the contents of the SoDA Report and weighed in with his thoughts about the power of design and craft in our world

We are living in an incredible time where technology is allowing us to craft experiences we couldn’t have imagined 10 years ago. And while we are certainly enablers of change in most situations, we are helping brands react to the changing world and industry around us at a break-neck pace.
As active participants, we are excited about doing our part in this transformation. We are fastening our seatbelt for this fast-paced ride where we spin up teams faster than ever, learn about our users and embrace the unknown.
The articles in this section of The SoDA Report are exciting. They take readers on a journey proving that our industry of “digital designers” are poised to take giant steps forward. A constant theme within this section is the idea that our design work is moving away from screens and emerging in the physical world around us. The rise in importance of the physical experience, of using a digital product in a real-world environment, and the profound effects of these experiences are now larger than ever.

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