Unleashing Courage in Leadership: Lessons from Ryan Berman


The Metajive Growth World Tour is nothing if not a multi-faceted learning immersion.

The topic from our latest speaker, Ryan Berman, was courage. Or, more specifically, courageous leadership.
Ryan – an expert in this field – shared how, in the ever-evolving landscape of business, courage stands out as a catalyst for success. As the visionary behind "Courageous," Ryan has spearheaded the corporate courage movement, empowering leaders to unlock the full potential of their teams and brands.
His book, "Return on Courage," and podcast, "The Courageous Podcast with Ryan Berman," serve as platforms for inspiring and equipping individuals with the tools to embrace courage in their professional and personal lives. At the core of Ryan Berman's philosophy lies the distinction between courageous leadership and change missions. Courageous leadership is about unlocking the potential of your team, while change missions are geared toward unlocking the potential of your brand. Through his work, Berman challenges leaders to redefine success by bridging the gap between their personal and professional selves.
Here are the insights Ryan shared with our team on what it takes to embody courage in leadership. He identified three key levers we can all take something away from:
  1. Knowledge: Understanding the landscape and the challenges ahead is crucial for making informed decisions. Without knowledge, leaders risk falling into a state of paralysis, unable to take meaningful action.
  2. Faith: Believing in oneself and the vision is essential for overcoming obstacles and navigating uncertainty. However, faith without knowledge can lead to recklessness, jeopardizing the success of the mission.
  3. Action: Courageous leadership requires the willingness to take bold action in pursuit of the vision. Yet, action without faith or knowledge can result in maintaining the status quo or even causing harm.
Berman emphasizes the importance of balancing these three levers to cultivate a culture of courage within organizations. By integrating knowledge, faith, and action, leaders can effectively drive change and unlock untapped potential.
Ultimately, Ryan Berman's message is clear: courage is not just a characteristic; it's a strategic imperative for thriving in today's dynamic business environment. Whether you're leading a team or steering a brand, embracing courage is the key to realizing your full potential and achieving lasting success.
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