Reinventing Tradition in the Golf World

When an established golfer decides to defy convention, you know something interesting is about to happen. Ashworth and our friends at Vapor Studio set out to create a more relaxed golf apparel style while still preserving the sport’s rich heritage. They came to Metajive to create the new brand’s digital presence to drive commerce.


We needed to establish a compelling online presence that conveyed the essence of the brand, celebrated sponsored athletes on the PGA Tour and introduced e-commerce for the brand. The task was not just about promoting products but creating an immersive presence that connected the casual golf game to the heritage world of golf while maintaining a modern touch.


With a goal of creating a nontraditional experience that set Ashworth apart from other golf brands, we leveraged the “Yardage Book” (a coffee table book and catalog in one) made by Vapor Studio and focused on creating a similar experience online. To resonate with the target audience, Metajive needed to create a unique visual identity that stood out in the golf world while feeling familiar to golfers. 


Our approach aimed to present an elevated visual feel of the product, setting the brand apart. The website launch was synchronized with the release of the Yardage Book, creating a seamless connection between the physical and digital realms. Athletes were prominently featured alongside new products, fostering cross-related connections. A dedicated lookbook section showcased the brand's offerings in an engaging way.

Details We Love


Color Palette



We ensured both the CMS and e-commerce system were best-in-class, providing a smooth and secure shopping experience. By cross-referencing products, we made sure users exploring one item could easily discover complementary offerings. The emphasis throughout the technological implementation was creating an experience that felt sophisticated, drawing potential consumers into the brand.

Project Results

The final product made a clear statement. One that spoke to the contemporary nature of many of today’s golfers by combining an aspirational look and feel with an easy consumer journey. We were excited about how prominently the website made an impact on golf culture.
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