When VINTUS—a highly decorated importer of hand-crafted wines—decided to establish a direct-to-consumer channel, one thing was clear: It would be anything but ordinary.


It was crucial to position this entirely new brand in the market exactly the right way in order to create desire amongst the correct audience. Ensuring that the messaging communicated not only the unique and exclusive quality of the wine but also the one-of-a-kind chain of custody process was also a key priority.


Before starting to build the brand we undertook an involved discovery process which included interviewing key consumers within the wine industry. From there, we identified the long-term brand goals of building an invested and engaged community who seek out access to the highest quality of limited run wines. The development of an elevated yet intimate brand was a natural progression from that point.


We knew the brand needed to be classical and elegant with an edge of modern simplicity capable of transporting the consumer to the distant locales where their wine was produced. It followed that our art direction for photoshoots centered around the environment in which you’d experience the wine. We also ensured the site checkout pages were fully optimized for easy conversion.

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We worked closely with the VINTUS team and their integrator to ensure a seamless integration of our front end design with their specialized wine platform. By creating a customized “logged-in” experience we enabled an intuitive and friction-free checkout process. We also developed an email builder to create the unique, premium emails the brand needed in order to storytell in the way they intended.


We were fortunate to be able to partner in a fully symbiotic way with such an exceptional team. We understood from the start that no other company can authentically do what FIDA can do, and we helped them tell that story in an engaging and authentic way -- from brand positioning right through to messaging -- all while keeping long term business goals top of mind.

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