Partnering on the future of AI

We are proud to partner with one of the most creative divisions inside one of the most innovative companies of all time.

We are honored with the opportunity to work with Google Creative Lab on multiple projects within the past few years collaborating on a variety of different AI experiments that are Webby Award winners and honorees.
TextFX - Lupe Fiasco
Rappers. Writers. Wordsmiths. AI, our friends from Google, and legendary rapper Lupe Fiasco – COUNT US IN! This particular AI experiment supercharges your writing process. TextFX is powered by Google's PaLM2 large language model, via the PaLM API, which showcases the ability to blend technology with artistic expression.
This experiment has 10 different tools designed to expand the writing process.
Google TextFX generates creative possibilities with text and language.
This tool is built to empower the creativity and workflows of artists and creators. website
We partnered with Google on the production design and development of the website. We had the opportunity to collaborate closely with Google's internal team bringing their art direction to life. Content includes different Lab Sessions collaborations, AI tools, and a social carousel that features what the community is building #withlabs. We are not the only ones who love this site, it was also a Websites and Mobile Honoree in the Webby’s for Best Visual Design - Aesthetic.
From texting suggestions to writing poetry, these AI tools are designed to help you do your best thinking. And we're just getting started.
These experimental AI collaborations push the limits of how AI can help influence our day-to-day reality and creativity.
Curious to see what others are building with these tools? Read through the featured social carousel.
Our Continued Partnership
From TextFX being a 3 Webby-award-winning project to the Google Lab website being honored for best visual design aesthetic, we are overjoyed to be part of these initiatives. These accolades serve as a testament to the passion and dedication poured into every endeavor, and we look forward to continuing this journey of innovation and discovery with Google Creative Lab.
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