As a ubiquitous players in ride-sharing, Lyft knows how to move people. Lyft Business accounts for a majority of all Lyft rides and provides a wide spectrum of business transportation solutions.


Lyft is a leader in ride-sharing but the Lyft Business channel was out of alignment with the rest of the brand. In addition, Lyft Business talks to a wide variety of audiences, from hospitals and the Hollywood Bowl, from Fortune 500 to airports. We needed to establish a clear journey for each of its audiences while bringing the site on-brand.


We immersed ourselves in the world of ride-sharing and business partnerships as we reorganized the site content for multiple markets. By creating a “How it Works” section we could communicate the four key solutions in a clear, concise manner. We also set out to increase lead conversions and create a brand identity for Lyft Business that ties back to their broader brand image.


Our team built off the newly defined brand colors to create a unique identity for the Business channel while still referencing their brand guide. We expanded on the main site format with an extensive library of custom modules, while finding solutions for the deeper content needed for this site. Ensuring it felt “on-brand” while accounting for the multitude of new use cases meant expanding and refining the entire visual language.

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By taking meticulous care over details we were able to ensure the build calibrated perfectly with the design. We also set the site up within a fast and secure server environment and optimized all images and video to resize automatically for the fastest load time. By tailoring a CMS specifically for their needs, the client can continue to make changes in line with their business.


Lyft Business is just one part of Metajive’s engagement with the company. We were successful in bringing the brand and the business into true alignment while also completely reorganizing the site map to communicate its business offerings. Today we continue to work with them on optimizing lead conversions and updating the site as they continue to push the limits of what is possible with ride-sharing.
Working with an agency for over 3 years, you really get to know their processes and see how they operate. I can confidently say that Metajive consistently delivers industry-leading work on great turnaround times. They have worked collaboratively with our marketing team as they built (and maintain), and the communication has been everything we needed it to be to stay on task and get the results we were looking for.
David Brown Head of Marketing Operations
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