A digital makeover for a classic brand

In the world of heritage brands, few hold prestige and generational trust. AAA is synonymous with reliability. Serving 61 million members, their presence is unparalleled. AAA came to Metajive to modernize its digital brand and boost membership sales.


The AAA Mountain West Group’s (MWG) site was outdated causing a high bounce rate and low goal conversion. Confusing UX to outdated interaction patterns meant their audience could not find what they needed. We had a goal of adding more structure to the site and focused on their membership, products, and services.


Our team set out to refocus and revive the AAA brand and identify gaps in the customer journey. With a focus on customers, it was clear we needed to let visitors know the full gamut of opportunities. We then identified all design system modules to align the updated brand design to deliver a clear story of the brand’s future. We designed a way that told a deeper service story beyond their renowned roadside services.


By taking a more adventurous approach, we learned we needed to call attention to AAA's benefits and offerings at key life moments. While bringing human and playful elements to the site, we were able to create more structure and focus on driving conversion of their key services and products.


Our team redefined the signature AAA brand style by expanding the design system to set the AAA MWG’s look and feel apart from other regions. We intentionally left the stock-photo-heavy look behind and replaced it with a more authentic and relatable visual language. We incorporated AI-generated photos to not only develop a signature brand style but also create a path for the internal team to keep projects in line.

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Project Results

By revamping AAA Mountain West Group’s brand identity and design system, Metajive didn’t just achieve a more relevant visual brand and user-friendly website – it also created a digital experience that led to a significant boost in transactions and higher value conversions. The rebrand is successfully reaching a younger demographic and providing greater clarity because of the focus on product benefits. Leveraging AAA MWG’s new design system, we are proud to create a new chapter of growth and opportunity for AAA Western Mountain Group.
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