Atolla is an MIT-developed and Kickstarter and venture-backed start-up, poised at the cutting edge of skincare and personalized products. Focused on more than just beauty, Atolla is shifting perceptions of their product to science and skin health. Atolla partnered with Metajive to design and build a digital ecosystem to support their personalized skincare launch.

Atolla Lifestyle image
Atolla Lifestyle image


We started with an undefined brand that lacked visual direction and were tasked with explaining a complex and revolutionary onboarding process in a way customers would understand. This process had to introduce the product, include physical skin tests and integrate a machine-learning algorithm to adapt and improve the serum for every customer every month. 
Atolla Product suite


The overall strategy needed to be simplified. With a product this complex, we wanted to ensure its online presence wasn’t overwhelming. We streamlined the onboarding, the explanation of the process, and the introduction to this new product category. All product claims were always supported and validated by scientific data. This allowed us to help position Atolla in the beauty industry as a leader in technology and beauty. 


We created a design that felt as progressive as the product itself. The design was created to feel at home with millennials and be optimized on mobile. We emphasized simplicity and natural beauty throughout the site and used typography to validate the science behind the promise. 

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Color Palette




atolla grid


In order to create an exceptional digital ecosystem for Atolla, we had countless integrations and APIs to account for; a full site e-commerce integration, custom API integration, detailed quiz API integration, CRM integration and segmentation, and personalized product integration to name a few. We also implemented lead scoring integrations for personalized user engagement and built a custom check-out specific to Atolla's needs. 


Our team successfully launched the entire digital ecosystem with a higher than average conversion rate and a brand that lives beyond the internet. We also had the opportunity to continue supporting their team after launch as Atolla built an in-house team. 
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