Clean met early success with their goal of helping people have a healthier relationship with food. But when they saw their growth began to plateau, they came to us. Metajive helped Clean to show and tell their story in a more cohesive, simple, and user-friendly way.


Customers were struggling to understand the Clean product, and how they would integrate it into their lives. They were intimidated by the process, and the product appeared too complex, resulting in a declining audience. Customers wanted to feel validated in order to make a significant investment in their health. The Clean brand needed to be elevated and communications optimized in order to better signal the benefits of cleansing. 


Our first call to order was to simplify Clean's storytelling. We focused on a simple hierarchy of information that helped customers understand the product by breaking it down into four key benefits.  To enhance clarity of communication we created a minimalist design system. Next we developed all new assets to elevate the brand and the perceived value of the product. Our ultimate goal was to increase the Lifetime Customer Value, so we optimized a custom Hubspot integration that could be leveraged for reinventing their 21-day email flow for “cleansers,” introducing additional products at critical up-sell moments in the cleanse journey. 


Our overarching design goal was a simplification for optimization. The Clean product can be complex to understand, so to counter that we focused on a straightforward design system. By creating a modular approach, we built a repeatable format that helped customers understand what they were reading and what to expect. We also created an icon library that the Clean brand could own, and that would express the unique elements of their program.

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From our research with the Clean team, we understood that streamlining operations, and building an optimized, conversion-focused customer experience were key priorities. We started by building a custom content management system, blog, email, and landing page builders. We also created a custom e-commerce system and rebuilt the subscription management system. In our drive to help Clean build a premium brand, we introduced dynamic image resizing and compression through all channels, ensuring the fastest page load with the best quality imagery (for optimal SEO scores). Our technology also allowed Clean to implement various supply chain management tools, including real-time shipping and inventory, which meant a more optimized business.


By taking a multi-faceted approach, we were able to elevate the Clean brand visually through our design system and create much clearer messaging. This solution paired with optimized Drip email flows led to improved customer communication on the site. As a result, Clean increased their conversion rate by 69% and was ultimately purchased by Organic India shortly after the redesign. That's what we call healthy results.
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