We partnered with Daikin U.S. Corporation to create a North American online presence for the World's No. 1 air conditioning company.


The Daikin Group in North America is a globally known HVAC&R company that is revolutionizing the industry. We helped explain the scale and impact of their presence and contribution to North America and spread the word about their future innovations and environmental commitment. We continue to help adjust their positioning for key audiences. 


The Daikin Group in North America has a large existing infrastructure within North America and a significant portfolio of brands. With an impressive worldwide reputation for sustainable heating and cooling, we needed the North American audience to understand the scale and quality of Daikin.  We are helping explain the difference the Daikin Group in North America is dedicated to making, while succinctly explaining their products and solutions in ways that any visitor to the site can understand.


We worked closely with the Daikin Group in North America to move existing brand standards and guidelines to a place where we could tell the story of their design style while striving to customize the brand for a North American audience. Part of our design goals were to immerse the user in the content, using beautiful imagery, contemporary typography and modular design practices to tell the story of their history, current brand, and their commitment to the future.

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We built the Daikin Group in North America's website as a module builder to give the team ultimate flexibility on this large and ever growing website. We created a system of modules that could work together in any order for any page to create entirely custom pages that still feel cohesive. 


We are fortunate to partner with a team that has vision and impact on an unprecedented scale. We are excited to help Daikin introduce their brand to homes across North America. 
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