Partnering on the future of AI

We are proud to partner with one of the most innovative companies of all time.

From our initial project working on their AI Test Kitchen App to a long list of projects (some named, others left to the imagination), our partnership with Google has grown to represent a longstanding relationship built on trust and shared excitement for pushing the boundaries of technology.
Test Kitchen App
The AI Test Kitchen App marked our initial collaboration with Google – one we had to navigate a tight deadline. Working seamlessly with Google’s developers for an integrated approach of one team. This project started our experience with developing on unreleased AI technology creating the AI Test Kitchen App – an experiment at the intersection of AI and creativity. Needless to say, we were excited to see Sundar present it at Google IO.
GenAI Demos
Google asked us to work on a variety of AI demos crafted from Google technology. These demos were shared around the world with Google developers everywhere and led to an official release from Google.
TextFX - Lupe Fiasco
Rappers. Writers. Wordsmiths.AI, our friends from Google, and legendary rapper Lupe Fiasco – COUNT US IN! This particular AI experiment supercharges your writing process. This showcased Google's AI LLM (lambda) ability to blend technology with artistic expression.
Labs Sessions Website
From texting suggestions to writing poetry, these AI tools are designed to help you do your best thinking. And we're just getting started.
These experimental AI collaborations push the limits of how AI can help influence our day-to-day reality and creativity.
Curious to see what others are building with these tools? Read through the featured social carousel.
We took on the production design and development of the Labs Sessions Website. In addition to development, we collaborated closely with Google's internal team bringing their art direction to life, demonstrating our ability to complement and enhance existing creative visions. Content includes different Labs Sessions collaborations, AI tools, and a social carousel that features what the community is building #withlabs.
Styledrop AI Tool
Elevating the Reading Experience. The Styledrop Tool is set to revolutionize reading experiences by integrating AI-generated images based on selected novel passages. The user can choose from five different artists to select the style of AI image they would like generated. Our role involves design, development, and creative thinking, building on Google's initial visual center and leveraging its AI technology.
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