In the Spring of 2020 when the world stopped, we were presented with an opportunity to help one of the worlds largest fashion events continue - CFDA Fashion Week.


Creating a system to incorporate 200+ brands, building a ground up framework to give all the brands the tools to thrive during Fashion week, while maintaining the aesthetic standards of the leader of the fashion industry, CFDA, was no small feat. We needed to determine the best way to build this framework, and commuicate it with each of the brands on a very short timeline -- without sacrificing quality. 


We developed a series of tools to give all the brands participating in Fashion Week a voice, democratizing fashion by giving the same voice to up-and-coming brands like Studio 189 and fashion legends like Marchesa,  Annie Sui, Tory Birch & Tom Ford an equal platform. The site needed to be flexible and agile, to allow adaptation as more brands took advantage of the platform. Both CFDA and these brands needed the flexibility to use the tools in the ways that best suited their teams. We optimized tracking and created opportunities for the brands to convert in a way they hadn't before. They are now able to convert and share content with the general public in order to get information for retail partners and direct sales. 


To create a design to embody the first-ever digital version of one of the largest fashion events in the world -- the pressure was on. We created a simple, bold design that helped highlight the photography of the top designers in the world. 

Details We love


Color Palette



Leveraging scaling server technology, live video streaming, brand and user dashboards driven by a CMS experience wholly operated by each of the 200 brands individually. Each brand was able to manage their brand, collections, looks, and specific access for users and press  from a single CMS access point. 


This first of its kind project was completed with such high standards in an expedited time frame, successfully kicked off the first digital Fashion Week in Fall 2020. We cannot wait to see where our partnership takes us, and how we can continue to help revolutionize the fashion world. 
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