The SoftBank Group

The SoftBank Group has made its name as one of the largest investors in the world by working with forward-thinking companies. We have had the opportunity to grow our partnership with the SoftBank Group and Studio Mococo as SoftBank launches new funds and initiatives.


As the SoftBank Group grows and expands, they need environments for each of their new entities - each with unique design systems and branding, while still feeling aligned under one larger umbrella. Each of these new projects always need to be held to the highest expectations for security and quality standards, while being completed quickly. 


Simple, clean and modern designs help the achievements of each brand, and the team behind them, stand out. Each site has a unique design system, specific to its brand, but with certain elements that are carried through to each site so they each still feel related. 


Having so many sites across numerous teams, we needed to create a base system that could be applied across all sites - satisfying every teams functionality needs and all overarching security needs. 


It's an honor to get to continue to grow our partnership with the team at the SoftBank Group, who are making such a large impact across so many industries globally. We look forward to where it will take us next. 
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