SoftBank Investment Advisers manages the Vision Funds, the world’s largest technology-focused venture capital funds. We partnered with SBIA to optimize and maintain their corporate website, a key communication channel for the firm.

Staying up to date, and up to par.
Although the design stands the test of time, has required updates to make sure that the site can adapt as quickly as SoftBank does. Optimizations have included ensuring security across the site is up to par with the high security standards for SoftBank (and metajive). We also helped enhance the site to include a news and content hub, giving SBIA the adaptability to share announcements, news articles, videos, and podcasts.
Using large, impactful modules to highlight their company values.
List module to outline Vision Fund's full portfolio, and to show each of the sectors that the portfolio companies are associated with.
Team members are featured at a glance, with more details within modals to share bios, attributed companies, articles, and more.
We created a hub for any announcements, articles, and thought leadership pieces to be shared with their audience.
One more thing.