Russian School of Math

The Russian School of Math is an award-winning K-12 math program that has delivered knowledge and abilities that empower their students to achieve excellence. We created a digital hub that updated the design language of their brand to be more modern, and gave them tools to communicate with students, parents, and potential students.

Flexible and detailed.We created a website that allowed RSM the flexibility to communicate everything they have to offer with their network. From detailed explanations of all their programs, their approach, and their history, to a news hub and a location finder to help students find their nearest program, RSM needed it all – and we delivered.
Module Based Design System.The updated design allowed RSM to share a lot of information in fun and easily digestible ways for all their users. User experience was also a top priority to ensure users could easily find exactly what they were looking for.
High praise testimonials accompanying a video detailing the beginnings of RSM, to prove the impact RSM has on students of all ages.
Easy way for potential students and parents can find the right program.
We created a fun illustration detailing the four pillars RSM is built on.
Iconography used to call out information in an easily digestible way.
Handwritten cards from former and current students who have seen first hand the difference RSM makes.
ConclusionWe jumped right in to help Russian School of Math evolve as a brand and remove the friction from their digital onboarding. We were happy to partner with a great team like RSM to grow their business through an exceptional online user experience for their students.
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