School of Rock is the largest music school in the world. With 200+ schools around the world, this revolutionary home of music education is changing the way both kids and adults learn to play.


School of Rock’s messaging needed to shift gears towards focusing on the actual decision-makers (parents), and demonstrating how children learn in a safe and engaging environment. School of Rock was also suffering from friction and drop off on the path to conversion.


Our conversion strategy was three-fold: make it simple to convert to trial, make it a breeze to find your local school, and make it frictionless to find and purchase camps. We integrated online scheduling and optimized the local school sites to feature their individual camps, events, and instructor bios. We then reformatted the main site to automatically show you to your closest school.


We wanted to reflect School of Rock’s bold approach to teaching music through the visual design.  With a key goal for the site being to drive trials and sign-ups, we made sure that the hierarchy was clear, minimalist, and intuitive with plenty of white space and bold typography. For assets we produced a two-day photoshoot at the Troubadour LA and School of Rock, Venice Beach, with our good friend photographer Frans Steiner.

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School of Rock’s main KPI is lead conversion and that informed nearly every technical decision made. SEO was prioritized, and the site is highly optimized to rank highly from both a content and tech perspective. In order to maximize conversion, we auto-detect the users location and show their closest schools with as much contextual information as possible. Each school has its own custom configured CMS, and there is a Yext integration that allows Franchisees to submit updated data to every listing service.


Our collaboration with School of Rock led to an upward trend. SEO rankings are up, traffic is up, camp bookings are up, and the brand presence has been elevated to match the premium nature of the school. The school has seen a 44% increase in lead collection and a 200% improvement in lead-to-trial drop off. That’s music to our ears.

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