School of Rock CRM

We helped our longtime partner School of Rock, the largest school in the world grow sales and nurture leads through one of the most complex HubSpot integrations ever.


School of Rock needed help to create email automation and integration of data from the three main services that drive SOR operations. We collaborated to create holistic reporting on all data while maintaining their authentic brand voice at every touchpoint. 


With our longtime partnership as a foundation, we entered this project with a strong understanding of the School of Rock student life cycle and key touchpoints, so we could help them get the most out of their experience. We created 22 flows and over 50 emails as part of a strategy to help nurture leads and drive engagement to every current and potential student.


As it had been 3 years since we created School of Rock's award winning design, we think it stands the test of time quite nicely.  We expanded School of Rock's brand language by creating a series of 22 modules to make sure every email brought the brand to life (even in Dark Mode).


We built a CRM backend, lovingly referred to as "Bridge" that unifies all data from the 1,300,000+ students and parents in the School of Rock network. Bridge uses a series of APIs and is organized into a framework of contacts, deals, and events to be automatically synced bidirectionally with HubSpot in realtime. Our system is built in a private Amazon cloud environment, not accessible from the internet for maximum security. In addition to Bridge, we also created all emails and email templates in HubSpots proprietary language, HUBL. Through a complex series of triggers and flow automations we leveraged HubSpot’s decision architecture and multiple unreleased betas.

Project Results

School of Rock is an organization that cares about every detail and is not afraid to push the envelope. In this special collaboration with the School of Rock and HubSpot teams, we created something extraordinary. Now with the flows fully running, School of Rock is actively sharing campaigns, reaching hundreds of thousands of students and sending over a million emails each month.
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