Metajive has a long relationship with Wells Fargo supporting their student marketing and recruiting initiatives. When Wells Fargo saw the opportunity to create a site that would use content marketing in the form of useful information for the student demographic they reached out to metajive for help. Metajive worked with Wells Fargo to create the online strategy, design and code implementation for their main college banking site.

This project came at a time where paradigms on the internet were shifting to the be both mobile first and content led. Working to expand on previous initiatives metajive revamped the content strategy and created a site that took advantage of the wealth of knowledge available about relevant financial products. Working through a rigorous content planning and UX phase we created a frame work that appealed to information driven millennials. This site encompassed a new strategy for Wells Fargo in both design style and technology and ADA level 2 certification. The site dramatically increased all metrics of engagement and SEO compared to its predecessor by creating a clean modern aesthetic that spoke to students while staying within the Wells Fargo brand. We are proud the design work we did for Wells Fargo continues to influence their design language to this day.

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