Transforming The Way The World Learns

DreamBox is an online learning platform that meets students where they’re at. It intelligently adapts to the way they learn, and helps them excel no matter who they are or where they live. When the pandemic hit and many kids switched to remote learning, schools and families needed DreamBox more than ever. DreamBox needed a website and platform that reflected the incredible product they provide.


DreamBox is radically transforming the way the world learns and we needed to help differentiate their story in a sea of online learning platforms. In addition, DreamBox needs to communicate different messages to different audiences – parents, administrators, and teachers – which required extensive research. Finally, we needed to bring new life into their branding without doing a rebrand. 


In our digital world, presenting the right information to the right people at the right time is critical. We focused on building a navigation structure and content outline that would help each of DreamBox’s unique audiences directly get to the relevant information for them as seamlessly as possible, all while threading the core DreamBox messaging and brand throughout. We got to work by designing a user experience that would take visitors to their destination with ease. 

Additionally, DreamBox began to introduce a new product, reading, (in addition to math) to their platform during our partnership. We needed to take that into account as we planned their relaunch.


DreamBox had a great design ethos and visual product language but didn’t yet have a well-established visual marketing language. So we got busy and built a visual design system from the ground up. We created a signature style that could grow with them and give the site a cohesive look and feel no matter which touchpoint you enter the site or explore from. This system has now expanded and is used across the company as the official brand detail. We also revolutionized their color scheme and created a cohesive style for typography that makes sure the DreamBox site and brand stands apart from the crowd as much as their product.

Details We Love





At this pivotal moment with DreamBox, we needed a website that could be easily updated to help the organization through its growth. We created a content management system (CMS), landing page builder, and customized an online event managing system to help the client make any real-time changes without a developer. We set this up on a high-speed AWS server environment with next generation image compression technology and have over delivered on all technology related KPI’s.  

Project Results

Everything we do at Metajive starts with our partners’ business goals, so it was critical that the DreamBox website spoke to all their KPIs by ensuring that the user journey for each audience is intuitive, seamless and takes users directly to the information they need. We were able to achieve this. 
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