Rebuilding Healthcare to be half the cost

Nomi is a startup that is rewiring the healthcare system by cutting out the middleman. We worked with them to build a website that would both speak to its bold, revolutionary roots while also instilling confidence within an industry that requires high levels of trust.


Having been Nomi’s partner for 3 years, we were able to build off the platform we already created. Through an extensive creative partnership, we were able to highlight the most necessary components and expand the website's flexibility to create a site that felt completely different. 


While Nomi is in the healthcare space, they’re not a provider of healthcare in the traditional sense. We set out to tell the story that at their core, Nomi is a healthcare disruptor who refuses to accept that anything is impossible. By demonstrating their ability to work in an agile, time-sensitive, and tech-forward manner we set them up to not only lead with patients but also with private companies, governments, and municipalities. Innovative technology implementations helped define a brand that could scale at break-neck speed. 


When evolving an established brand and design system, a friendly color palette was critical to establishing Nomi as a game-changer who revolutionizes the US healthcare system. As Nomi's focus shifted from B2B to B2C, we needed to find ways to be more inviting and exciting. 

One of the main pieces for the new brand identity was the idea of a pulse that would also work very well in traditional media. The Pulse brings moments of energy and helps create an experience that feels dynamic and different. 

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No website gets through the Metajive machine without being responsive so that was a given. We also built a custom React front end to create a seamless experience with a fast user interface and optimized the site for users and SEO. We’re big on security around here — and in healthcare, we know we need to double-check the locks —  so we implemented an advanced security framework. Finally, we ensured the server wouldn’t bottleneck our performance metrics by deploying on a cluster of global CDN servers with headless architecture.

Project Result

As the world was coming out of the Pandemic, Nomi knew it was time to shift their focus back to other healthcare needs and move away from being COVID-19-specific. Part of that shift included being more patient focused which resulted in a complete website refresh. 
After going through a thorough branding exercise, we created an entirely new design system that focused on bringing in more humanity, excitement, and moments of energy throughout the site. In doing so, we used a new photography style and pulse animation to create an entirely new experience for consumers and businesses. 
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