Responding to a global need with a healthcare disruptor

Nomi is a startup that is rewiring the healthcare system by cutting out the middleman. We worked with them to build a website that would both speak to its bold, revolutionary roots while also instilling confidence within an industry that requires high levels of trust.


Time was of the essence, and we needed to quickly scale up a website that could help Nomi build credibility, adapt with the company, and pivot as the company rose to help the nation meet the challenges of COVID-19 while staying focused on their main objective.  Additionally, we worked on naming and larger strategy to help them put down some roots while developing the brand system to scale with the business and be applied across all their touchpoints, beyond the website.


While Nomi is in the healthcare space, they’re not a provider of healthcare in the traditional sense. We set out to tell the story that at their core, Nomi is a healthcare disruptor who refuses to accept that anything can't be done. By demonstrating their ability to work in an agile, time-sensitive, and tech-forward manner we set them up to not only lead with private companies but also with governments and municipalities. Innovative technology implementations are helping define a brand that could scale at break-neck speed.


The design and color palette were critical to establishing Nomi as game-changers. As a startup, they hadn’t yet established colors, fonts, or key brand tenets. We worked hard to fine-tune a balance between showcasing their fresh approach to healthcare through vibrant and engaging design while ensuring they would be received as a trusted healthcare company. In addition to the use of subtle animations and well-crafted interactive moments, we made sure you weren't going to confuse them with anyone else in the space.  As Nomi continues to grow, our work in this area continues to evolve.





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No website gets through the Metajive machine without being responsive and ADA compliant, so those were a given. We also built a custom React front end to create a seamless experience with a fast user interface and optimized the site for users and SEO. We’re big on security around here (and in healthcare we know we need to double-check the locks), so we implemented an advanced security framework. Finally, we ensured the server wouldn’t bottleneck our performance metrics by deploying on a cluster of global CDN servers with headless architecture.


Our initial work with Nomi coincided with the early days of the pandemic. Traditional healthcare models were (and are) struggling to meet the escalating demands for COVID-19 testing. Nomi was perfectly positioned – with their agile approach to healthcare and new website – to put their next-generation process to work. They mobilized a ground-up supply chain for local governments and organizations across the country to quickly deliver testing at scale – with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. With COVID-19 testing sites in 15+ states, they have become one of the nation’s most reliable and prolific providers of community-based COVID-19 testing.

Metajive continues to partner with Nomi as they start to roll out direct healthcare and revolutionize healthcare payments.
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