Securing HP Wolf Security’s Spot in a Competitive Industry

Ask any company with a hybrid work model about computer and data security, and you’ll likely get the same answer: it’s complex. HP Wolf Security exists to meet the increasingly sophisticated security threats out there, but the brand was lacking credibility in the space. They turned to us to help reshape their message and global website experience, allowing them to gain the reputation their powerful solutions deserve.


Previous versions of the HP Wolf Security global website tended to be more focused on supporting ad campaigns than developing a voice of leadership and credibility in the enterprise security space. Additionally, the website needed to serve HP business units all across the globe. However,  each market has a somewhat unique marketing and sales strategy, so we needed to work closely with the HP marketing and global business unit teams to help craft content and an experience that would resonate, build credibility, and drive worldwide sales.


First and foremost, we knew this was a brand that needed to grow up and be taken seriously by the security community. When you’re talking to CTOs, CIOs, and CSOs you need to get to the point. We wanted to make sure this product could both be taken seriously and understood quickly. Working through global unification was a key priority. By focusing on how HP Wolf solved customers' business problems we were able to shape an experience that would build credibility and help drive conversion.


Our strategy, UX, and content teams went to work gaining a deep understanding of HP Wolf Security’s business, marketing, product strategies, and audiences. We then took a close look at the competition and perceived leaders in the space. Finally, we dove deep into the HP Wolf Security product to gain an understanding of how it solves its customers’ business problems. The outcome was a thorough digital and content strategy that guided us in shaping an experience that would build credibility and help drive conversion.

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Lottie Animation


Our discovery process revealed that a significant percentage of the target audience is small to medium business leaders. Far from being experts in the field of security, this audience can be overwhelmed by the importance – but complexity – of security solutions. We employed Lottie animations to help communicate the topline offering and key differentiators directly to this audience. This technology allowed us to simply stream and play video, instead of using a click-to-play format. The new HP Visual ID was especially well suited to this SVG-based animation technology. The end result is an engaging, easy-to-follow story that is lightweight and can stream to any device instantly.

Project Results

We designed and delivered a stunningly modern and beautiful website experience that supports the project objectives and the greater HP Brand while truly differentiating HP Wolf Security within their space. In addition, we helped surface and develop content and a strategy that has allowed HP Wolf Security to present its offering in a more credible and effective way globally.
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