Partnering with Innovators through Venture Capital

NEA (New Enterprise Associates) is a prominent venture capital company that invests in companies’ growth from Seed to Public. Central to NEA's approach is cultivating strong relationships between partners and founders to provide enduring value.


Despite its rich history with investments in hundreds of top-tier start-ups since 1977, NEA’s name is still relatively unknown in the industry.  We needed to identify what distinguished NEA from its competitors in a crowded capital market where firms often blend together.


To showcase NEA's unique perspective, we highlighted founders and their expertise across various key sectors. We adopted a simplistic approach to content architecture that prioritizes a "show, don't tell" model to convey NEA's value with a minimalist, future-focused design approach.


Building off the brand created by our friends at Mococo, we incorporated elements that symbolized NEA's guiding role in propelling its partners forward. By leveraging the arrow derived from the company's logo we were able to make various assets that not only look good but convey big concepts concisely. With consistent photography featuring NEA's team members and founders, we were able to humanize the brand and underscore its collaborative ethos. With a light and optimistic design palette, we were able to strategically introduce darker tones for contrast and usability – such as the search experience where activating dark mode enhanced user interaction.


We've crafted a dynamic digital presence using a Statamic Headless CMS and a NextJS frontend. Automated content migration ensures a seamless transition, while a custom animation experience, featuring adjustable parameters for the hero animation, adds an interactive touch. Integration with open-source Meili Search enhances user navigation and accessibility. Additionally, a convenient newsletter signup feature empowers NEA to stay connected with its audience seamlessly.

Project Results

Through our efforts, we organized content in a way that informed investors, regulators, and founder audiences while elevating the NEA brand. As we continue to collaborate on this project with NEA we will continue to evolve the site for the ever-evolving landscape of Venture Capital.
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